Chimera Weightlifting


Chimera Weightlifting

This is a 10-week program designed to increase 1 repetition maximums in the 2 main Olympic lifts. The program is performed over 4 days per week and split into a high volume/low intensity day and a high intensity lower volume day for both lifts

Whilst the progression of volume and intensity is linear in nature, an undulating periodisation approach is adopted on a weekly basis (i.e. High-intensity and low-intensity days.

The main lifts are utilized regularly throughout and athletes should be proficient before attempting the ten weeks. Athletes should be aware that the volume is high during the first 4 weeks and they should have a good base level of strength/power. Novices should complete at least 4-8 weeks of the strength athlete program to ensure they meet the physical demands required.

The program builds to a testing day in week 10 where a new 1-repition maximum can be attempted.