Chimera Strength


Chimera Strength

This is a 20-week program split into 2 main peaks for weightlifting and powerlifting. Both run concurrently but peak at different stages. The programme is performed over 5 days and split into 2 x Powerlifting Lower body days, 1 x powerlifting upper days and 2 x Olympic weightlifting days. There are also a high volume of accessary exercises of a more body building nature to add balance.

The design is linear although adopts an undulating approach on a weekly basis with each lift at a variable load/sets and reps.

For the powerlifting element there are 2 main peaks in the first 11-week block with 5-rep max & 3-rep max tests, The 2nd block peaks at a 1rep max test in week 20.

For the Olympic weightlifting emphasis we have a 2-rep max test in week 8 and a 1-rep max test in week 19. There are various opportunities to try for new repetition maximums depending on the athletes fatigue levels.

The Chimera Strength athlete program has been designed to increase overall strength and improve body composition rather than specifically target a particular goal seen in the Speed/Power and Weightlifting options