Chimera Foundation – Home or Gym


Chimera Foundation – Home or Gym

This is a 14-week program designed for novice strength athletes. Weeks 1-4 are a base period of anatomical adaptation with a de-load in week 5. Weeks 6-14 then follow a weekly undulating approach with varying intensities over the 3 training days introducing the athlete to structured hypertrophy/strength and conditioning

Throughout the 14 weeks the athlete will be required to perform accessary exercises which have elements of the main lifts from powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, allowing them to become proficient with the base movements which out using high loads or risking injury.

The bulk of the sessions are set out in a circuit format and each session has a you tube link to the Chimera you tube clip where the athlete can follow the session in real time.

The Foundation program can be recycled at weeks 5 and 9 (if the athlete is still progressing and making improvements in their overall fitness) by simply returning to week and increasing loads to increase intensity to suit the rep range required. The foundation program can also be used to improve aesthetics and manage weight effectively.