Base Powerlifting


Chimera Base Powerlifting

This is a 10-week programme tailored towards peaking for a competition/re-testing at the end of week 10. The programme is performed over 4 trainings days, alternating 2 lower- and 2 upper-body focused sessions.

The programme is split into three main phases: 1) a 4-week accumulation block with a relatively high volume and moderate intensity/load, 2) a 4-week intensification block with a lower volume but higher intensity, and finally 3) a 2-week peaking block with minimal volume and relatively high intensity to eliminate fatigue in preparation for competition/testing.

Whilst the progression of volume and intensity across the whole programme is linear in nature, an undulating periodisation approach is adopted on a weekly basis (i.e. higher-load and lower-load days). The programme terms these as: 1) ‘development days’ where the focus is more based upon developing physical strength qualities, and 2) ‘technique days’ where the focus is on mastering technical proficiency and speed within the main lifts.

Assistance exercises are prescribed more akin to a ‘bodybuilding’ style where the emphasis is on developing hypertrophy and strength in the muscle groups that may not be best serviced by the main power lifts. The assistance lifts can be changed at the end of the first 4-week block should you wish to mix things up.